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Make your own style tasty/fresh with Tsuyumi's.

Designer: Tsuyumi Kumazaki

Understated drama and the playfulness of childhood meet in the talentsof designer Tsuyumi Kumazaki.
She is the recipient of the gold medal in the 13th Annual Lumine Fashion Design Prize for her line that presented a merging of skirts and shirts as on metaphor.
After graduating from Tokyo Bunka Fashion College, she had worked for an apparel company in Tokyo designing knit-ware, cut and sewn, bags, shoes and hats.

She started her hats and knit accessories collection from Fall/Winter 2005 in NYC.
The line under her own name brings all of her experiences together creating accessories that embody a thoroughly modern take on femininity - whimsical yet playful - dramatic yet personal.

All of Tsuyumi's products are hand-made at her atelier in Manhattan NYC. Her hats have a unique, modern shape yet fit well and incorporate playful craft details.
They are either hand knit or crochet design, using vintage or vintage like printed fabrics or buttons.

In any case, she makes what she wants to wear.